Az man nagzar 25 band

Before the Iranian presidential election he met with the candidate Mehdi Karroubi. After 2 years his first album published in the name of. Immersed in music and poetry since childhood, I had a great amount of passion for music when I was a student and my musical taste, which has a direct impact on the mood of my works, was formed throughout the same time frame.

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The news agency Reuters called him one of Iran's best-known underground rap singers. Baash Ta Bebini 25band 1. Shazdeh Khanoom Sattar 1. Khab Shahram Shabpareh 1. Omid Hajili is an Iranian trumpet player pop singer, musician, composer and music arranger. His main instrument is the guitar. Tamoome Ghalbe Man Ehsan Khajehamiri 1.

I spent most of my adolescent in the world of poetry. Beigi attended musical school in which he learned to play many different instruments, began to write and to produce music.

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Ta Sobh Khoone Narim. He studied electronics at Karaj University.

He has released three albums, Allegro and Darkoob and Hajilitto. The band was formed in by lead vocalist Tamin along with A-del as the bahd.

Enghad Bekhand 25band 1. Before the Iranian presidential election he met with the candidate Nan Karroubi. Then Lohrasbi started his work by songwriting for children.

In an interview with "Zarebin" and "Voice of Farsi", he mentioned that he was raised in Sweden. Puerto Rico 25band 1.

20RAP | 25Band - Az Man Nagzar

nazgar Ali Lohrasbi's next album published in that one of its musics is. After 2 years his first album published in the name of. I did that because of my concern and interest in the concept of culture and its diversity. Tooye Rahe Eshghim 25band 1. Currently, along with studying Social Management Sciences for MA degree, I am working on my first official album which will be present soon. Songs from Similar Artists.

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After being accepted to university he began to learn piano. The Ajam project started in London in early and has since performed various concerts across Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Ali Lohrasbi is from Tehran and he was born on April 9, Amirhossein Maghsoudloo, better known by his stage name Amir Tataloo, is an Iranian singer and songwriter. His single "Kaghaz va Ghalam", debuted on February 28 of and received more kanreplays on RadioJavan website in only four days. Sasy Mankan used to work in the 6 and 8 style and had a lot of fans, 225 later for some reason dropped this style.

Entering the University of Music and starting academically learning bamd was concurrent with my sound recording in professional studios. Also after that, he published other albums in the names of 14, Tasmim and Robat. He was born on November 18, in Ahvaz and has 8 video clips. Be to Madiunam Farzad Farzin 1. Performing the theme song of White Cottage series was his first official activity in pop music.

He is an Iranian singer and pop-star. Correct reading of Quran helped him to learn many termolos.

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