Digital menu board

Competition in the restaurant industry is growing daily in Ireland. By continuing to use this website, you will be agreeing to our privacy policy and cookies policy. Decathlon Capital invests 7 figures into Delphi Display Systems. Creating a Memorable Drive-Thru Experience with Digital Signage Many quick-service restaurants QSRs have been undergoing a digital transformation to incorporate the latest display technology to upsell and drive sales, provide a competitive edge and prepare for upcoming FDA menu-labeling nutrition requirements. Place digital menu boards anywhere in your establishment.

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Will digital signage solve McDonald's woes?

JuneDallas. WAND provides several digital restaurant menu board and software packages tailored to the needs of your restaurant.

Digital menu technology

Best of all, if you want to make changes, you can do so instantly. Display special offers and promotions prominently, so customers know to make mrnu most of them.

Being modern means staying up-to-date with the ddigital in restaurant technology. Comprehensive Digital Menu Board Design Studio Using NoviSign online design Studio, you can create nicely organized digital menus that list your entire menu, pricing and nutritional information.

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Allure completes menu board optimization pilot. And how much does it cost?

QSR Digital Menu Boards

Taco Bell delivers interactive digital experiences Taco Bell's digital journey boasts a clever and concise name: Neatly organize your menu into color-coded categories. Choose digital menu board designs that represent your restaurant brand. As a restauranteur, you're always looking for ways digitak engage your customers. Mdnu Templates Dinner and a Show…. McDonald's, bathrooms dominate August headlines McDonald's digital signage makeover and a digital signage sink solution dominated headlines for August on Digital Signage Today.

Subway delivers digital signage to 5, European stores. Cut Costs and Reduce Waste State-of-the-art technology may look high-end and expensive, but it can actually cut costs! Digital signage replaces traditional Menu Boards Media Department Competition in the restaurant industry is growing divital in Ireland.

Digital Menu Board Software

Ok Privacy Policy Cookie Policy. Both landscape and portrait orientations are available. Cross and upsell sell new add-on side items and desserts Centrally manage all of your menu pricing and items Better spotlight new items that you want to sell more off Promote and test new items and sales Stay current with FDA menu requirements. NoviSign offers Digital Signage software as a service.

NoviSign includes a wide variety of professionally designed high-impact templates for you to choose from; Cafes, Quick Serve, Fast Casual, Bakery, Pizza Parlor and more.

Pre-schedule your entire menu, specials, offers and promotions to update at specific times and days automatically. WAND works with you to understand your specific memu and design the digtial customer experience to meet them. During a panel at the Restaurant Franchising and Innovation Summit, panelists discussed how to get your restaurant tech ready. At a panel entitled, "I'll take digital to go," at the Restaurant Franchising and Innovation Summit, three panelists addressed a few key ways digital is transforming restaurant operations.

Digital Menu Boards

Using a digital menu board also helps your establishment with waste reduction. Media input works like a playlist and can be scheduled to change based on date or time.

Engage your customers with timely offers, event promotions, and product highlights featured on signage throughout your establishment. Works on any screen Use player of choice: The design Studio is very simple to use and includes a rich set of dynamic drag-and-drop features: Do you have an exciting new menu item you're eager to spread the word about?

The design online Studio is very simple to use and includes a rich set of dynamic drag-and-drop features: If you make changes, they appear on your menus within 5 minutes with no gaps or black screens.

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